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Real Estate – Selling Tips And Advice

Planning on selling your home? It can be overwhelming and stressful as you want to get the best price possible. Here are some real estate-selling tips to help you out:

Simple tips to organize your home for selling.


We ALL have too much clutter in our homes. Over the years (even months), we accumulate stuff – grandma’s favorite vase, that amazing offer of the best mixer we never use, etc., etc. A buyer is overwhelmed looking at too many things in your home. They want to see the simplicity and subconsciously that there is room for them and their possessions.

Get 3 boxes together – one for items to throw out, one to keep and store, and one to sell. Go from room to room, and don’t give up until you have left very few things in your room. Your boxes will fill up quickly, so get more. Also, remove those extra clothes and shoes from closets and drawers. Check out the linen cupboard, even the kitchen cupboards, and drawers. Only leave what is necessary for you to live in your home until it is sold.

You can then gift items to charity, have a garage sale, and put everything else in storage (including furniture, paintings, mirrors, etc.).

Your home will look empty to you but will look fine to prospective buyers.

Remove Personal Items

Prospective buyers do not want to see photos of your family or paintings your child did; they want to see a refrigerator with a clean door and not one clogged up with drawings, reminders, etc. Put them away and include them in your storage items if you want to keep them.

Clean Your Home

Polish those wooden floors, and clean your windows until they shine. This goes for the remaining artwork you have hanging and mirrors. Work magic in your kitchen with the countertops and sink. Also, ensure the inside of cupboard doors and shelves are clean. In the kitchen, this particularly applies to the drawers you keep cutlery and other kitchen utensils. This can often look like a mess so organized as well.

Tidy The Garden

The same applies to your garden as your home. Ensure the grass is cut, and the trees and bushes are not overgrown. If you do not have any flowers in the garden and it is the summer season, buy some planters and hanging baskets and put them on the patio and at the entrance to your home. Clean the patio furniture and arrange it invitingly.

Attend To Little Fixer-Upper Issues

If you leak or if the baseboards need renewing, do it. These things get noticed. Many buyers will automatically flush all toilets to make sure they work.

Home Inspection

You can go a step further and have a home inspection done. This way, the inspector will let you know if any issues should be fixed. The buyer will want a home inspection of their own, but this way, you can honestly tell buyers that the house has had its own home inspection, which can help sell your home faster.

These simple tips will get your real estate sold sooner rather than later! They don’t cost much money, but they are very effective.

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