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Private Real Estate – Sell Your Own Home

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into selling your Private Real Estate? I hear agents work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, selling property. If an agent were to sell around 15 Private Real Estate at any given time, they would spend about 6 hours on average per property. The commission rate is around 2% plus any advertising fees. Effectively the agent is earning around $2,500.00 per hour. Pretty good if you ask me.

When you sell your own home, would you earn $2,500.00 per hour? Good chance you wouldn’t have the knowledge requirements agents have accumulated over the years. Therefore would you agree that the agent is worth every penny they earn, given their levels of expertise in the industry?

What does an agent do that a homeowner can’t?

The agent will prepare your home for sale. The homeowner does most of the work. A homeowner will clean and tidy up the house, and the garden, and de-clutter the place. You will even find that some Private Real Estate owners will do a few touch-ups around the home that require maintenance.

“Sale Contracts” are also required to be drawn up. An agent will organize this. This is done by contacting the Home Owners conveyance or legal representative and having them put together the document. An agent will never put pen to paper. Your lawyer will.

An agent will also need to organize the For Sale board and Photographers and prepare all the necessary brochures. They will also need to describe your property and place ads online briefly. Bare in mind for as little as $270.00; there are companies that can do all that for you when it is time to Sell Your Own Home.

An agent will conduct open inspections, follow up on prospective buyers and negotiate the sale price. Well, anyone could handle this simple process, and if you handle this, you might get much better service and manage the buyer inquiry as you will most likely have a better response about your home.

Recent research in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, found that “more often the seller will get a better price than previously quoted by an agent.” This will be because the sale price will be more important to the seller than the Real Estate agent.

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